Monday, March 23, 2009


been a cali girl for... hmmm... forever! but when opportunity strikes do u run with it? in my case hell yea lol, was doin the college thing in la, unfortunately (maybe now "fortunately") living arrangements didn't work out and i wanted away from that whole stressful situation, so i went back to my comfort zone.......home. It always feels good to go back and visit home, especially when you havent seen your immediate family in 6months and thats the longest you've been apart, but now i've been home for a lil over a month and im ready to be gone lol, nothings wrong with being home but i feel im at the age where i wana explore and most of all i want my independence, having a hard time proving it tho (moms got me spoiled use to her doing everything) but now is my chance to move with my cousin to florida, be in a new and completely different environment from cali, im hoping i can go and that it all works out.

*currently listening to: Jay-Z - Party Life*

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